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New Releases – 3 MASSIVE New Episodes Released

….did we say 3? Make that 4 new Episodes!

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Back To Basics – Return To PNG [S01E01]

In this first episode, travel with Strick and Az back to Strick’s childhood playground in Papua New Guinea. Island life, remoteness, fresh fish and great mates. The perfect recipe for adventure…

Mann Down – Jay’s Bucks Trip [S01E02]

Travel with passionate iSpearo filmmaker Daniel Mann to Central QLD Australia in search of golden snapper, barramundi and BIG Spanish mackerel. What better way to celebrate the pending marriage of a good mate!

ITZTV – Onefish Legends Terry Mass [S01E02]

Dr Terry Maas from the United states of America to many is considered the father of blue water hunting. Not only was he a pioneer in an area of spearfishing that was thought to be impossible, his documentation through videos and books opened the doors to blue water hunters around the world.

The Simple Spearo – Young Fry [S01E02]

Jump aboard with long time passionate spearo, John Featherstone and take a journey to simplicity. In this series we explore the great joys of simple spearfishing and diving as we hunt for bread and butter species like mackerel and kingfish and some tasty delicacies like lobster and abalone.